NCEMA has issued an announcement that all event participants need to be vaccinated. Does this apply now?

No, vaccination is not a must. Instead, all participants must follow the new updated event entry requirements as clarified in the Department of Culture and Tourism  circular issued on 30/04/2022.

What is the capacity of events, restaurants and weddings that currently apply in Abu Dhabi?

 Events, restaurant and weddings in Abu Dhabi are operating at 100% capacity of the venue.

If a participant arrives with an expired PCR test, what is the protocol in this case?

The participant will be denied access but directed to our on-site PCR testing facility to do a rapid PCR test at their 
own cost.

What shall we do when we have a participant who feels unwell in the venue?

Please notify a member of ADNEC staff or security immediately on 800 23 632.

How much does a PCR test cost at ADNEC?

The cost for the regular test is 40AED with the result relayed within 24 hours and fast track tests at 300 AED with 
results relayed within 4 hours.